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Wildlife in the Area

Here in the Heart of the Hill Country we have many different species of wildlife running around.  Anything from Whitetail deer to Havalena Hog.  From Hummingbirds to Dove, and foxes and squirrels.  The Nature out here is absolutely beautiful and if you can be quiet long enough to enjoy you will see all sorts of wonderful animals running around.  The pictures we are posting on this page are pictures that were taken on THIS property.  We will regularly be updating as we recieve more wonderful pictures.

   Whitetail Deer
There are over 30 different sub-species of whitetail deer in North and Central America, with another 8 sub-species found in South America.  There are roughly 20 - 25 million whitetail deer running loose in North America.  This deer, in the wild, lives roughly 11 - 12 years and for a buck can grow to be 300 lbs.  The whitetail here in the Hill Country are some of the smallest groups of whitetail around, though absolutly beautiful and majestic to watch.


Axis Deer
The Axis Deer, also known as the Chital, is a deer that originally inhabinated places like Sri Lanka, Nepal, and Bangledesh.  These deer have been brought over here to the Hill Country and many of them started out right here at this RV Resort that used to be an auction barn for exotic animals.  Axis deer live anywher from 8-14 years, weigh close to 200 lbs. with the males being much bigger than the females.  Their antlers are usually 3 pronged, in a lyre shape, and can grow over 2.5 ft long.  This first picture is of a yearling in the back of one of our guests RV site.  When we get more pics they will be put up.

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